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Lorry rental with a driver

Do you hesitate between contacting a removal company or doing your moving on your own ?


The solution you imagine is renting a lorry on your own, but this has some inconvenience sometimes :

- You have to find the lorry rental at the best price and which is available 

- You have to ask your best friends to help you but they may be not free actually..

- You have to be responsible of the broken items as not covered by an insurance

- You have to find the best person to store in the lorry and optimize the place 

- You have to find the person who will drive the lorry (with of course no accident !)

- You have to pay gas and tolls ...


We have a better solution ! We can provide you with our own lorry and a driver who is a professionnal removal driver, that is to say :

- You bring your possession directly to the lorry which is just in front of your house

- the removal driver will store in the lorry and optimize the place it takes

- You will pay an unique price without thinking about returning the lorry back to the company

- You only pay the real kilometers we have done between the collection house to the delivery house

Here are some examples of prices  :

500 kms / 20 m3  : Unique price 800.00 € (tax-free)

700 kms / 20 m3  : Unique price 1.120.00 € (tax-free)


If you need more information, please contact us at this number : !